Keep a dough press on your prep counter in your restaurant, cafeteria, or pizzeria so you can flatten dough into perfect circles. These presses will save you time because you won’t have to spin dough by hand to stretch it out. Simply load the plates with a ball of dough, and pull down on the lever to flatten it. You can also find automatic presses that flatten the dough for you. If you need additional pizza making supplies, check out our commercial mixers, pizza holding cabinets, and conveyor ovens. If you’re wondering where to buy pizza presses, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices. If you’re wondering where to buy dough presses and dough dockers, we have a large selection of dough presses and dough dockers for sale at the lowest prices.

Pizzerias and restaurants will love having a pizza dough press available because it will save staff time as they prepare pizzas of all sizes. These presses feature circular metal plates that compress balls of pizza dough, flattening them into the diameter you require. You can choose from manual options with pull-down levers on top or automatic models that produce flat dough even faster. Both designs are simple in their construction, making them easy for anyone to operate.

With a dough press, you won’t have to roll out or spin dough by hand, which will save you valuable prep time. Your pies will also be more consistent in thickness and diameter, which will make your offerings look more professional. Choose from presses in different sizes to suit your small to large orders.

Best Dough Press For The Money

DoughXpress DM-18NH Manual Cold Dough Press with 18' Platens, 18' Width x 15' Height x 28-1/8' Depth
12 Reviews
DoughXpress DM-18NH Manual Cold Dough Press with 18" Platens, 18" Width x 15" Height x 28-1/8" Depth
  • Does not press out air like dough rollers or sheeters for an airy crust more like hand-tossed
  • Presses dough evenly and consistently every time. Pressing Tips- Recommended Time: Warm dough, 10-12 seconds
  • Presses dough balls to 60 percent of finished size to finish with tossing or stretching